Making The Glass

Most of the glass Rebecca make takes several firings as each piece is made up of several layers of  transparent glass.

Rebecca gradually build up the image using a variety of techniques. She will take a layer of glass and make up the design using enamels, glass shapes she has cut, glass frit (small chips of coloured glass), metals, and glass powder (coloured glass ground to a powder).

Firing the Glass

Each layer is fired in the kiln for a minimum of 10 hours – often longer. So one piece of glass normally takes several days to make. When the glass is fired in the kiln to around 800 degrees C it becomes viscous and fused together.

The exact temperature is varied depending upon whether Rebecca wants the glass to fire fully or just ‘tack’ together.

Slumping The Glass

Often the glass is subsequently ‘slumped’ into a bisque clay mould to give it a curved or wavy shape.