Rebecca’s creativity has taken many forms over the past 30 years, encompassing textile media, glass painting, photography and desktop publishing. In 2004 she joined a local workshop group which taught the skills for copper foil work and fusing glass.  Rebecca has been exploring the beauty of this material ever since.

She is an established glass artist inspired by the colours and textures of the natural world to create multi-dimensional pictures and free-standing fused glass artworks that capture the tranquillity and beauty of nature.

Her creative process involves studying and then interpreting her chosen subject matter before working through the technical process required to achieve the visual depth and, often very delicate, detail. This can involve up to four layers of glass and the addition of countless intricate details before the firing process can begin.

The recent purchase of a second, much larger kiln has given Rebecca the opportunity to explore new designs and techniques and to fulfil the growing demands of an expanding gallery portfolio.